Pre-Order your bingo card.

Cbra Systems organizes an old-fashioned fun BINGO!


1 bingo card costs € 2,00
2 bingo cards cost € 4,00
3 bingo cards cost € 6,00
4 bingo cards cost € 8,00

You can no longer buy bingo cards … 

Please enter your full name, e-mail details and residential address.

    Hi, a minimum contribution to play the Cbra Bingo game costs € 2.00, but you can enter any amount. You can buy up to 4 bingo cards per person if you want. You can use any Dutch bank account. Thanks!

    This promotion only applies to people living in Europe. If you do not live in the Netherlands but you do live in Europe, you can contact us for a payment request.

    A bingo card can be ordered up to and including 6 November until 4.20 pm.


    The first contestant who has a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins a refillable lighter from Cbra Systems.

    The first contestant with a full bingo card can choose between a calendar of 2021, a guitar stand, a memory game, a cbra bucket hat, 3x reusable face masks, 1x Zebra Sticker & 4x Coasters, Corona Extra – 24 bottles of 33cl, or a Media Markt gift voucher worth € 20,-

    Wishing you love, peace, happiness and best of luck my dear. ?

    Click here to see the lucky numbers.

    You can no longer buy bingo cards … 

    CbraBingo! 04.10.2020 – 20.12.2020 // 14:00h



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