Pre-order the Cbra Systems Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021

This calendar with the well-known holidays has 14 pages.

  • Material: paper. 250grams.
  • The Number of pages: 14.
  • Cardboard back
  • Width: 420mm. Length: 297mm.
  • Weight (grams): 559.

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    One Cbra Systems Calendar - €21,-
    Two Cbra Systems Calendars - €35,-
    Three Cbra Systems Calendars - €49,-

    We will send you an e-mail with our bank details and the costs of the calendar(s), including the shipping costs. If you have transferred the amount, we will send you the calendar(s).

    As an extra you will receive self-adhesive funny Star 3D stickers.

    Cbra Designs has been a manufacturer and supplier of calendars for years. Do you prefer a calendar that is adapted to your own wishes, for example with your logo, your company colors and / or birthdays; please contact us at for more information.