Another great offline dice game from Cbra Systems. You’ll need a table, a gambling cup, four dice and players. The game ends at six million, you cannot throw higher. Unless one adds a die. You can roll three times and you can leave the dice that you think are useful. Two dice with the same number of eyes are the number of eyes times ten thousand. Three dice with the same number of eyes are the number of eyes times one hundred thousand. Count the dice from high to low. Same dice in the front. Except for Twenty One. Twenty one is worth one million. On the other hand, if twenty-one is rolled twice, the count is as follows; twice one is good for ten thousand and two times two is twenty thousand in summary it is two million and thirty thousand.

For example;

6666=6.000.000, 5555=5.000.000, 4444=4.000.000,


2121=2.030.000, 4321=1.250.000, 6621=1.060.000,

5432=500.000, 3335=300.005, 5533=80.000,

3365=30.065, 5431=5431.

First player throws the dice….

For example player throws 4, 3, 2 and another 4. If we re-arange this example.. 4 and 4 is a double so it counts for 40.000 and then last digits are 32. So, total score for this throw will be 40.032 points. Then the next player has to cast the dice ‘Higher’ then the previous amount.

Second player throws the dice. You may roll the dice 3 times. If second player throws lower then he/ she loses. Point for the First player! et cetera.

Two Pair
Twenty One
Twenty One X2
Memory Lane
5th Street
Fast Lane

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