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When Ruben Geerlings (director of www.cbra.systems, it’s never too late to be what you might have been) started this project in 2011, he wants to offer music services. It looked a bit different then it looks today. Creating a music database for every occasion is what he likes to do. He said: “Commissioned, I’m working on the processing of my creativity in music and images daily.” Cbra Systems, a non-profit organization, an art project, basically a digital blueprint from Ruben Geerlings, also known as Trish Thunderstone, grew up in a small village. At the age of nineteen, he moved to the city. He has always enjoyed composing music, paint, photographing and enjoys playing the piano.

On the website, you can run any music you want through a search bar that is related to YouTube. Also, we have 22 playlists of songs from different genres. It just depends on what taste in music you like. Make sure you make clear agreements about music with your neighbors. Being bothered by music is no fun. You know yourself what can and cannot be done, in terms of sound strength. Enjoy your favorite music.

Listen how Post Malone puts the dance floor on fire

Пахнет осенью. Что-то необыкновенно грустное, приветливое и красивое…

About Cbra

Ruben Geerlings

The systems should be designed in a way, that people function well. If the system is designed so that people do not function, the system is faulty. That’s why at Cbra Systems, we do the best we (web-designers: Ruben and Phillipe) can to keep the website on air and to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite music without interruptions (if you have Ad Block Plus installed). The abbreviation C.B.R.A. stands for ‘Cause Beats Rephrase Anything.’ In addition to being able to choose from many different styles of music, another branch of Cbra also makes design products named Cbra Designs, such as calendars, memory games, mob-dob (a dice game) and, guitar stands for the electric guitars.

About the .systems domain extension

Although this is not yet known to many people, it seemed to us that we chose https://www.cbra.systems for the URL on the world wide web. The .systems extension provides many new opportunities within the technology industry and the ICT world. Whether you have a technology company that works with systems, are busy with system engineering, or are interested in systems: with a .systems domain name, you can go in any direction. Cbra Systems has been hosted by www.one.com.

The best music database for just about any mood!

Welcome to Cbra, your number one online music streaming platform for any occasion! Browse the huge free database and enjoy and listen to music for hours…We do our best to serve you in a professional, friendly way. Suggestions, complaints, and compliments we see as valuable information to improve our service…

Every one should check https://www.cbra.systems quite the impressive database of music!

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