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Happy Full Moon Wednesday!!

“All music is escapism for me, but I like the way that, on a good night, that sense of escapism can be shared.”
~ Jamie xx

Why oh why is www.cbra.system not functionally I ask myself several times… I update and change it weekly (a regularly modified rotation, kind of like a radio station). Wrong code to shape the sense of reality. This is what it is. For the convenience of the viewer, the content shown on the website is as always ‘under construction’.

I’m happy with the new Search & Play menu where you can drag & drop your favorite music videos and let it play without advertisement.

She’s watering the plants outside, it’s been dry for decades now. Wazup it’s all in the city man..
Yes, she’s growin’ up. She’s like the moon. Unofficial Video for “Like the Moon” by Future Islands. The footage is from the 1981 Russian sci-fi film, “To the Stars by Hard Ways.” Founded in the playlist from Full Moon Vibes Music Festival. Thanks to Milla J. for the beautiful songs you had shared with us.

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