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The full moon reinforces everything, positive and negative. The effect of the full moon is not always the same. This way you can suffer from the full moon and experience unrest, poor sleep and worry. While during another full moon you can have a lot of energy and you feel intensely happy. The energy and effect of the full moon is determined by the season and the position of stars and planets.

The Indians gave every full moon a name to mark the month and the season. The full moon of November got the nicknames, offer moon, blood moon and beaver moon.

The November full Moon was also called the Full Frost Moon by some Native American groups. Judging by the often chilly weather that becomes more and more common at this time of year, it’s not hard to understand how this name came about!

Offering is about giving to someone else. By being grateful, sharing and giving your own energy changes, you increase the vibration of your energy. Increasing your vibration has a positive effect on your feeling. Offering is about connecting yourself to other people and experiencing that we are actually all one. One with all people, the earth, the stars, planets, the cosmos and the source of divine energy.

The full moon on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at 19° Taurus is excellent for completing a long term goal. The November 2019 full moon will help you turn your dreams into reality because it activates the major planetary aspect of 2019, Saturn sextile Neptune.

The power of the November 2019 full moon to make your dreams come true is intensified by a positive aspect to Pluto. While Mars sextile Jupiter gives the energy, initiative and good fortune to ensure success., the precise time of the full moon is 14:37 pm GMT.

Full Moon November 2019 Times and Dates
Los Angeles – November 12, 5:34 am
New York – November 12, 8:34 am
London – November 12, 1:34 pm
Groningen – November 12, 2:37 pm
Delhi – November 12, 7:04 pm
Sydney – November 13, 0:34 am

Happy Full Moon Tuesday!

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